What will happen when two Alpha Bloods collide? 

Will sparks fly, or will the battle for supremacy begin?

Alpha Jace Galhart had always known what he wanted from the start: to be the perfect Alpha for his pack while waiting for his fated mate. He thought he was doing well until Amara came and showed him that perhaps breaking the rules he set for himself wasn't that bad at all.

Young Alpha Amara had set her eyes on the Alpha of the Black Shadow Pack. She knew from the very beginning that Jace would only bow down to his fated mate. But giving up and letting him go was never an option, even if it meant crossing the line of the friendship that would either bond them together or break them apart for good. 

My heart shattered into a thousand pieces at the sight in front of me. I had no idea that this kind of pain existed until tonight.

The day I’d been dreading finally came — the day that he would find his fated mate. And it was not me.

Catherine Galhart saved herself for the only man she ever paid attention to, only for fate to crush her young heart when he came home with his fated mate in his arms.

Lost and heartbroken, she ran and hid away while she slowly picked up her broken pieces. And just when she thought everything was finally falling into place and she was ready to accept the love she knew she deserved, life threw another reality in her face — a destiny she could never escape.

Will she finally cave in and let fate take control of her life? Or will she keep fighting for the life she knew she wanted from the very beginning?

Join Catherine as she embarks on the journey from love lost to self-discovery, family, and friendship to finding a love worth fighting for.

It was supposed to be just a one-time encounter — just letting out the steam that had been fuming between us. He was not made for relationships, while I just got out of one and was not ready for another.

But that one-night stand with the playboy Gamma of the Black Shadow Pack turned into two nights, and then three, until I could no longer count the number of times he knocked at my door whenever he wanted to get laid.

And I just let him in. Every damn time.

But then, the nights of passion turned into two stripes on the pregnancy stick. And he wanted nothing to do with it.

So I kicked him out of my apartment, out of my life, and out of my way. I vowed to forget him — raise my child on my own, and never look back. I was doing so well until the day I found my son missing and his scent lingering in the place where I left him.

If the Gamma thought he could just abandon me and our child and then take us back because he changed his mind, well, he was in for the ride of his life because this time, I was not letting him back in.

Friendship will be tested, hearts will be crushed, bonds will be shattered, and boundaries will be crossed. In the end, who will survive? Or will the circle be broken?