"Arise, my Luna." His voice rang in the air and sent shivers down my spine. 

"My name is Clair, Alpha Aeon," I answered respectfully, but I refused to look at him. Frustration rolled off of his aura before it changed into anger. I swallowed hard as bile threatened to rise from my throat. 

"Have I done anything to despise you?" His hand snaked around my nape as he took one step closer. "My wolf is so close to marking you, Clair. I can assure you, it'll be painful. I'm the only one standing in the way. Submit, and we'll make it less painful. Look at me. You'll be mine! And I will make sure all others before me are forgotten."

I closed my eyes, and the tears fell from my eyes. I was already losing this battle. I took a deep breath, ready to nod my head, when a ferocious growl marred the air, shaking the ground where I stood. 

"I dare you to touch what's mine!" I snapped my eyes open, turning in the direction of the threat.

He's here. He came for me. My Alpha came for me. 

ALPHA JACOB GALHART of the Black Shadow Pack never wanted a mate. He had led his pack for years without a Luna and was content to remain that way. But it was now time to produce an heir. Not wanting to find his mate, he set his eyes on one female, Clair Montrell.

He thought he had everything planned out until she turned out to be the fated mate he never wanted. But would he be able to let her go and move on?


Like a coward, I walked away from the only thing that sparked life in my already dead heart. I walked away without knowing her name or knowing anything about her, but I knew that from this day forward, she would creep into my mind and heart for the rest of my life.

What would you do if you'd been saving yourself for your mate? Only for him to choose another Alpha Female right in front of you?

Reciprocate the act.


An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.

But it's easier said than done. Because whenever he was around me, my body betrayed me.


"Is this just a game to you?" Aaron's eyes were blazing with fire. He was attempting to keep his wolf under control. I should've been terrified, but I wasn't.

"You tell me..." I smacked my lips together, pretending his anger didn't bother me at all.

"You're confusing me." A growl reverberated from his chest as his hands coiled into tight fists. He was ready to walk away when I held my palm against his chest. His eyes delved deep into mine, and I could see his desire growing.

"You can have any female you want, and yet here you are, chasing after me when you know exactly that I don't like you." My finger trailed down from his nose to his mouth, brushing his soft lips gently. "Am I a challenge you're trying to win? Because you know I am someone you can't have? Off-limits? Your Alpha's sister?"

I could feel his body reacting to my touch. It was all I wanted. I wanted him to fall hard for me, the same way I was falling for him.


In a world where Alpha Females are pawns for the Claiming, being an Omega Female is considered a blessing.

Andrea was born and raised as an Omega and had the freedom to choose whether to be claimed by her mate or be someone else's chosen. And so she thought until the reality of her past came hunting her.

Alpha Caspian knew from the very beginning that he wanted Andrea, whether they were fated mates or not. But by the time he was ready to make amends for sending her away when she was 15, a secret from her past had resurfaced, challenging his rights to claim her.

Would he let her go again this time? Or was she worth fighting for?


Life has never been good to me. And just when I thought life couldn't get any worse, the Goddess mocked me one more time and gave me a stubborn and difficult Alpha as my fated mate — someone who wanted nothing to do with me.

But what did I have to lose?

I had nothing to begin with.

So leaving and forgetting him should be easy.

Well, it was, until it wasn't.


Alpha Aeon of the Blood Moon Pack was ready to be the next Alpha of his pack. All he needed was a Luna to stand beside him.

Lady Katarina was the perfect Chosen Luna. Everything was set into place until life took a big turn, and his fated mate was thrown into his hands.

A rogue. The only daughter of the Rogue Alpha.

Torn between two females, both in need of his protection. One is bound by the oath of brotherhood, while the other is bound by fate.

Will he be able to choose, or will he just let life take its course?


Once a shifter turned 18, they would be able to scent their mates. It felt like this was the moment everyone was waiting for. But not for me. I was happy just to be playing around, one female after another. Why settle for one when you could have a taste of many?

But then I tasted her lips. And that one kiss completely changed me. For once, I was ready to give up my old ways just to have a taste of her every day of my life.


DOMINIC'S STORY: I kept waiting for my fate to interfere, but at this point, I was already losing hope that I would ever find my mate. Maybe life would be much better with Sofia. I couldn't deny now that I was attracted to her, and maybe that attraction was enough to make me forget Janna. Maybe we could benefit from claiming each other — so she could avoid being claimed by someone she didn't like. And for me, to not be alone anymore. Because even if I didn't want to admit it, she was slowly creeping her way into my heart.

DARVIN'S STORY: My wolf is dying. Soon, I had no choice but to step down as the Alpha of my pack. With the quest to find the perfect Alphas for my sisters, I was already losing time in finding my own mate. But then she appeared out of nowhere, pulling me back into a destiny I was already ready to turn my back on.