Ten years after he took over as the Alpha of the Mystic Pack, Alpha Adan Stone Robinson has yet to find his mate. With the clock ticking down and the desire to produce an heir, he was left with no choice but to find a suitable breeder. An Omega would be a perfect choice—someone who could give him a son without complicating his life.

Born to a Demon Prince and an Omega/rogue she-wolf, Lucija (Lucia) never wanted the Demon Princess life she had. In her attempt to run away from the underworld, she found herself thrown into the world of the wolves, the only realm her father told her never to cross.

With her demon power suppressed, it was too late to turn her back on the world her species hated the most. Now, she's at the mercy of the famous Alpha of the Mystic Pack - whose sole goal is to make her his perfect breeder. 


What will you do if a demon king sets his eyes on you? Will you run away, or will you take the burn?

Lucius rose to the throne as the new Demon King of Kalmerus, one of the four kingdoms of the Underworld, upon the death of his father, the former King. And just when he thought he had everything he ever wanted in the palm of his hands, a witch who hated the demon realm landed in his arms.

Patrea, a light witch, spent three decades trying to find a way to escape from the Underworld. And when she did, she thought she was finally free — until she realized the people she cared about needed saving. Left with no choice, she made another deal with a demon — only this time, the new demon king was someone she couldn't resist being attracted to.


Five years after the death of his fated mate, Alpha Blade found himself lost in the abyss of life. He had abandoned his pack and chose to lead a mercenary life to avenge the death of Soledad. But even after justice was served, he felt empty, and the need to take more lives had become his way of life.

With too much blood in his hands, he became ruthless and cold-hearted, with no direction, no goal, and no will to survive—until destiny decided to play a cruel joke on him and gave him a light witch for a second-chance mate.

Confused and not wanting to betray the memory of his first mate, Blade fought against the new bond the Goddess gave him, only to find himself being drawn more to the young witch who was slowly lighting up the darkness surrounding him.

But when lies, betrayals, and secrets come to light, will their bond survive the test of fate, or will the truth spiral them into the darkness lurking behind the shadow?